Trade Show Next Platform

The new format of communication for your customers

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B2B eCommerce Social Platform that was designed for tradeshows to connect and engage their customers even more. Our partners have grown and expand their business, providing tangible & on-going value for the suppliers & buyers.]


Two-roles social platform meet challenges your business has to be more competitive

Trade Show Next Platform has two types of account that depends on customer's role: buyers (or retailers) and suppliers (or brands). Platform provides full cycle buying processed online:

  • Digital showroom -> search by brand, country, manufacture etc
  • Content&Price Management System -> structured catalog with detailed filters
  • Order Management System CRM

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New revenue stream for your business and new opportunities for your customers

All collections are available 24/7/365 online. So your customers can organize more efficiently their interaction after physical trade shows and receive more value from your business. Order and contact management systems allow your customers receive more systematic approach to communication. B2B sales are not easy but your customers deserve simplicity.

No geographical limits for your business. Attract buyers and suppliers all over the world.

Our partners earns XXX additional profit>>

Don't worry about Privacy and enjoy full Transperency

We guarantee security and privacy for you and for your customers: all your data will be stored on dedicated server that will be chosen by you

You can monitor all data on your platform

Your platform would be fully personalized

We provide personalized branding according to your requirements.


Easy API integration with any system.

4-step product launch

Personalize Branding MockUps (1 week) -> Prototype (1 week) -> Project Launch (1 week) -> Production (1 week)

Client’s oriented approach

90 days money back guarantee

Personal assistant 24/7

3 types of cooperation: fixed price, commission, shared




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